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Welcome to the Self-Discovery Shop! Here you'll find all of the tools and resources you need to dig deep, discover your needs, set boundaries, stop people-pleasing, and ultimately live your life guilt-free for putting yourself first.

Self-Care to Confidence Masterclass

A 30-minute masterclass to help you build a self-care foundation to up-level your self-confidence.
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Kick-Start Your Life Academy

An 8-week course to help you find clarity and confidence to create a life you absolutely love.
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About Sara Katherine

Hi! I’m Sara. As a Self-Discovery Coach, author, and podcast host, I help women finally stop people-pleasing and live life guilt-free for putting themselves first.

I've been where you are. I've had trouble saying "no", didn't know how to set boundaries, had a deep fear of failure, and couldn't make decisions without asking everyone else first.

The good news? I broke out of that cycle, feel confident in my decisions, know when to say "yes" for myself, and so much more.